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Mind The Thigh Gap!

Thigh gap is the latest young women obsession. What’s the thigh gap? This is the noticeable space between your upper thighs when you stand with your feet together. Teen girls are influenced by “ideal” (photoshopped) women in the media, they starve themselves to look like those women.

Doctors and nutritionists are very concerned about the phenomenon since this physical feature do not have anything to do with diet or calories burned. If few thin adults women have slender legs and happen to have a thigh gap, fight against nature and morphology is a lost battle.

Indeed, the thigh gap is a preteens physical feature. This is the result of body changes by the time wider hips and pelvis coexist with childhood thighs.

This obsession became a barometer of success in our teen’s mind. Teen girls are proud to post and share their thigh gap on social media. I even found a wikihow website with stupid crazy tips on getting a thigh gap involving recommendations to take birth control pills.

I never and won’t ever have a thigh gap and that’s okay since I don’t plan to become a Victoria’s Secret model or cast as SpongeBob stunt double.

Eat clean and exercise… do not worry about the space between your thighs girlfriends.


[Makeup tips] 5 Mistakes Black Women Should Avoid

Are you putting your best face forward? Or are you making one of these five makeup mistakes? Check it out!

1. Heavy Metal on the Eyelids

If you’re 40 and under, wear the gold and silver as much as you like. If your eyelids begin to lose elasticity, the glittery shades will magnify the creases. The result is that the glitter will settle in the creases and will age your eyes, instead of enhance them.


2. Heavy Eyeliner on the bottom lid

You want the dramatic eye effect, and nothing brings out your brown eyes like that kohl black liner on the bottom, right? Wrong. Heavy liner on the bottom lid will drag down the eye and makes you appear tired. You want uplift, so apply the eyeliner to the top lid, and outer corner of the eye.


3. Bald brows

Are you a nice person, but your over-plucked eyebrows make you appear angry? “Your eyebrows are 75 percent of your face,” says Atlanta beauty expert Shalawn of Lamik Beauty. No matter how over-plucked your eyebrows are, you can still limit the damages. Please ladies, learn how to shape your eyebrows with this tutorial below by beautybyjj.

4. Spider Eyelashes

Unless it’s Halloween, do not keep your fake lashes long after they’ve crinkled or curled in unnatural ways. Sure, we know that you were promised the lashes would last a month, but if your mirror says otherwise, please remove them. Also, waterproof mascara may make natural lashes dry and that can make them thin and brittle.


5. Layering your foundation

“Adding extra layers of foundation will only make your skin problems more apparent, according to experts. A great look begins with great skin,” says Chicago celebrity makeup artist Shoenice.

Exfoliate your skin 3 times a week and moisturize twice a day!


Source : Zondra Hughes