“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel


Shopping: Paddy’s Day 2013

Paddy's Day 2013


2012 Fashion Tech Report

Fashion & Digital Marketing Strategy

Last week, I’ve spotted more rangy silhouettes and outstanding outfits in the capital… Fashion Week was back in Paris Mesdames et Messieurs!

The capital of Love became for 10 days the Capital of Fashion with not less than 95 shows.

Etam, first brand live broadcasting its show online, has opened this fashion week with a live 3D show relayed in 20 French theatres. Indeed, luxury brands take over the entertainment industry to gather a wider audience with a preference for the Internet.

In the past, this kind of brands were dedicated to limited elite. Remember a few years ago, only a certain amount of personalities (fashion editors, celebrities) could attend fashion shows. Luxury brands considered the Internet as a threat, as it favored mass commerce which could damage their branding.

Though, we’ve noticed a strategic change, as luxury makes an appearance on the web and particularly on social networks. Digital strategy is now an inseparable part of the marketing strategy.

Last year, Yves Saint Laurent promoted on Facebook an eye shadow palette in the colors of the most famous social network. The makeup item, named “Devoted to fans”, was only for their Facebook community. Meanwhile, Burberry has posted backstage pictures on Instagram (690.000 followers), and Dior just launched its Tumblr with exclusive contents.

For that matter, last September, Amy Cole (Instagram’s VP) declared during the Flow (social media event for fashion and luxury goods) that luxury brands use the platform to tease their followers during the fashion weeks. “Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, and Burberry are very active.“.

No social network is spared in the digital strategy. Let’s take for instance, Calvin Klein, which used Vine to create and share a six-second video on Twitter to support its first Super Bowl ad. The video of this, well, I have to admit, charming athletic man exercising in a remarkable boxer shorts became viral on the Internet.


We have to expect more campaigns supported with activities on the new video-sharing app. The question is: How the audience will react facing this new aspect of marketing? For my part, as long as Calvin Klein uses Vine that way, I am completely fine with this initiative!

Luxury houses need to interact with their clients and attract the rest with sparkling digital ideas. However, social networks are challenging since mishandling it can ruin a branding within 140 characters, millions of sharings or 6 seconds. The balance has to be found between buzz, communication and the build of a beyond reproach digital identity.

Ombre Hair Color

Seen on plenty A-list women, ombre hairstyle is tempting.
The French-termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. This trend doesn’t require lot of work and touch-up.
But you still need to consider some elements before taking ombre plunge.


1. Consider your profession and future aspirations before you go with the bolder shades.
The A-listers have started a trend that essentially looks like “grown out” color, which, thankfully, makes it easier on those of us who just don’t have the time to traipse to the salon every few weeks for a retouch. However, remember, the more creative a person chooses to be with their color shading, the more attention they may acquire.

2. Choose shades that will compliment your skin tone as well as wardrobe choices.
A person can choose one to three colors to shade for the “Ombre” effect. In the warmer months, shoot for lighter, more vibrant shades and in the winter months, choose cooler, more ash tones.
For a dark chocolate beauty: deep reds, coppers, and cool ash make for beautiful choices.
For the caramel-coated lovely: rich browns, coppers, possibly even violets (depending on career character).
For the fair maiden: ash tones, subdued blondes, golden caramel tones will add warmth to her olive skin.

3. If there has been a previous color, you WILL NOT be able to achieve the “Ombre” effect successfully without some color correction (or maybe even more drastic measures).
Though it may look as if this now infamous look can be achieved at home, it is necessary to visit a professional establishment for the best results.


(Source: R. Obrien Lynch)

Leather Skirt


leather skirts

Knee length skirt
$190 – wolfandbadger.com

Bardot jupe en cuir
$52 – bardot.com.au

Topshop jupe plissée
$44 – topshop.com

The Row jupe en cuir




$84 – placedestendances.com

American college
$185 – placedestendances.com

American college
$190 – placedestendances.com

American college
$185 – placedestendances.com

Short Wool Varsity Jacket
$220 – scotch-soda.com

Short Wool Varsity Jacket
$220 – scotch-soda.com


It’s Monday




Shopping: Casual chic

Winter style

River Island long sleeve shirt
$24 – riverisland.com

SLY 010 leather biker pants
$1,050 – jades24.com

Leather bag

Vintage necklace

Tory burch jewelry
$95 – harveynichols.com

$56 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Shopping: Working girl #2

Working girl #2

Mango tux jacket
$80 – mango.com

Short mini skirt

Ash black heels

Leather satchel
$185 – zatchels.com

Silk shawl

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