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Groing African Carribean Hair

Why your hair length seems to be the same years after years?

One of the most common reasons is that your hair has dry and split ends.

Hair that becomes dry through blow drying, curling irons, relaxers, perms, colouring or just day to day wear and tear eventually splits in two at the tip and then breaks off.

This kind of hair breakage will happen when you are combing your hair, changing your clothes or just walking down the road.

Meanwhile on average a healthy persons hair, whether it be natural or relaxed, grows approximately 1 inch every 2 months. The reason why you may not be gaining any length is that your hair is growing at the same speed that it’s breaking.

Types of Split Ends

a. The classic split end.
b. If the classic split end is not stopped it gets worse
c. Multiple Splits – when (a) and (b) is not stopped
d. The Dot looks like a piece of fluff, but doesn’t brush off
e. The Dot bends at a straight angle. This is not really a split thought, it is Trichorrexis Nodosa and is actually caused by an explosion of the cortex (2nd layer) of the hair in a single spot.
f. The hole is the most difficult split end to find. The hair shaft has developed a split in the middle. To find this one, look for a small section that is lighter.
g. When you take the hole split strand and push them together, it pushes the split apart and creates and hole.


If you want longer hair, you need to trim off those dry ends before they split, or trim the split ends before they split further than necessary. The aim is to only take off what is absolutely necessary.

Our hair grows at different rates in different parts of our head, therefore it’s unlikely that you will have a whole head of split ends.  It’s more of a find and destroy exercise.

A friend

Getting a hairdresser to patiently pick through the strands of your hair might be an ask too much, so maybe it’s best to ask a trusted friend.

If you can’t see, you can usually feel those dry ends.  Run your fingers along a strand of hair this will help you determine if it’s time for a light dusting.

Keeping in mind the speed of growth, 1 inch every 2 months, take care not to be snipping more than you are growing!

Source : Valley Fontaine


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